by Rainbow Rowell

Staff Pick By Gianna

We’ve all been a fan of something, whether it were a band, TV show, or a book. But there’s a whole other realm of fandom nowadays known as fanfiction. In this story Rowell introduces you to a timid, socially awkward girl named Cath who eats, sleeps, breathes and WRITES fanfiction for Simon Snow. She uses her writing as a coping mechanism for well…life. With that being said, Rowell takes you on her journey through her freshman year of college as she endures huge workloads, weird roommates, and infatuation. This is a perfect summer read especially for soon-to-be college freshmen.

Never Let Me Go

by Kazuo Ishiguro

Staff Pick By Olivia

The renowned author of The Remains of the Day brings us this heartbreaking exploration of the human condition. Protagonist Kathy has grown up being taught to take care of her body because one day she will become a “donor” and her organs will be taken away one by one to be given to someone else in need. but why must Kathy and her peers give up so much of themselves? This book left me reeling from its impact, and it remains an all-time favorite of mine. The movie adaptation starring Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightly is very well done too!”

Valiant Ambition

by Nathaniel Philbrick

Staff Pick By Max

The true story of Benedict Arnold and the events which led him to turn his back on the illustrious George Washington and his country. Philbrick reveals the many reasons why Arnold chose to defect to the British. The Hero of Saratoga was wounded repeatedly both physically and emotionally by the British and American Continental Congress. His version of the story deserves to be told!”

Surrender New York

by Caleb Carr

Staff Pick By Tara

I loved The Alienist and thus was a fan of Caleb Carr. This is a contemporary novel set in upstate New York in a sleepy little historical town called Surrender.

As always, Carr’s characters are fascinating and they have such compelling storylines that they keep you invested in their future survival. Combine that with an intriguing plot and you’re off. Be aware Carr is a detail oriented writer so along the way, you will learn tidbits like what trees grow best along Route 22 (the better to hide bodies!). Hang in there; the story and details are worth the ride!”

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